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10 victims in Greenwood Park hijackings

The incident

Hijackers are terrorising the streets of Greenwood Park in Durban, with a reported 10 incidents in nearly two months.
According to police, a woman was the latest victim. She was allegedly accosted by three suspects while waiting in her car near Manjee Place in Effingham Heights on Friday.
The suspects approached the victim’s car in a white vehicle, disembarked and pointed a gun at the woman, forcing her out of her vehicle.
They then forced her into the back seat of her car and drove off.
It’s believed the armed gang robbed the victim and dropped her  off at an unknown location.

Map of Greenwood Park, Durban North, 4051

The assessment

It’s unclear why the victim was waiting in her car and we are not blaming her for doing so.
Clearly, however, it is not safe to wait in a car alone. Our suggestion is to park and leave the vicinity of the car. If you are being picked up, consider the driver’s safety and don’t leave them to wait outside your residence for you.
Never wait in a car where you have blindspots. If there is no alternative, ensure that you are alert and observe around you. If needs be, rather circle the area until your passenger is ready to be fetched.
If you are loading a vehicle with goods, it is always best to have a second pair of eyes and hands helping you.
Do not resist handing over the keys of your vehicle if you are accosted. A car is replaceable, your life is not.

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