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Alarm Systems



Robberies and burglaries are common crimes in the residential environment. However, alarm systems have the ability to decrease criminal activities on your property. Loud alarm systems alert your neighbours of criminal activities and frighten criminals from the scene. Even a glimpse of an alarm system may deter an intruder from entering your property. Simple to use and highly effective alarm systems are a popular way to protect you, your family and your property, leaving you with much needed peace of mind.

Alarms utilise a sensor that is connected to a control unit. This is done via a wireless link or hardwire. The alarm system sensors detect a change in environment i.e.: a change of movement, a window opening etc. Papamani Security provides a vast range of alarm systems, from small alarms to highly sophisticated and advanced multi-zone systems.

Our basic alarm systems feature elements such as keypads, control panels, door and window contacts, central monitoring station and sirens. Our sophisticated and technologically advanced alarm systems come with many added features including panic buttons, glass break detectors, alarm screens and pressure mats under carpeting.

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