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Beware! The ‘Desperate Mother’ Scam

Below, you will find a detailed account of a woman, in her 30s who works the sympathy angle to get you to buy her items only to return them to the store for cash. And if you don’t fall for her ‘Desperate Mother’ scam, beware, she turns nasty. At least three people have encountered this woman in Olivedale (All Saints Shopping Centre) and NorthCliff. This account was edited for length. Greg Wells-Clifton …Read More

We need #OpLockdownGP and badly

I’m not sure if you’ve been following the news, but for the past six months Operation Lockdown has been cleaning up the streets in the Northern areas of Port Elizabeth. The task team from #OpLockdownPE focused on gang-related crime and violence in the Gelvandale and Bethelsdorp regions. #OpLockdownPE saw gang members convicted and sentenced to lengthy prison terms, wanted suspects arrested and large quantities of drugs seized and taken off the …Read More

10 victims in Greenwood Park hijackings

The incident Hijackers are terrorising the streets of Greenwood Park in Durban, with a reported 10 incidents in nearly two months. According to police, a woman was the latest victim. She was allegedly accosted by three suspects while waiting in her car near Manjee Place in Effingham Heights on Friday. The suspects approached the victim’s car in a white vehicle, disembarked and pointed a gun at the woman, forcing her out of her vehicle. …Read More

How Pickpockets Work

Pickpocketing is crime that dates back centuries. And, as one of the most common crimes in the world, there will no doubt be an endless stream of victims. Pickpockets choose this line of crime for it’s relative safety; it’s fast cash without being caught or suspected by the victim. Since the skill is in the hands, there’s no need to carry a weapon and a raid by a police officer …Read More

New leads on crime in Primrose

Have you been a victim of crime in Primrose? The Primrose SAPS have issued a warning to the community to lookout for the following vehicles that where either used in crime or scene during a crime. If you have ever seen these vehicles, report it to your nearest police station and help crack down on crime. If you have seen any of these vehicles contact the Primrose SAPS on 011 …Read More

Hijackers continue to use ‘fender-bender’ technique

At least two victims, in the past two days, have reported being rammed by armed hijackers in Joburg. One of the victims, who managed to get away, told us he was in Jet Park on the East Rand when four armed males drove into his vehicle. The victim, whose name is known to us, said he managed to get away after sensing something was awry. Another victim reported that again, …Read More

Cell C, CNA in business robbery worth R1M

Members of the SAPS Flying Squad have nabbed the man believed to be behind at least two major business robberies in Pretoria. On Saturday, a Nigerian national and one other suspect were arrested over thefts at Cell C and CNA. According to our sources, detectives tracked stolen phones to the Johannesburg city centre. Officials claimed the estimated value of the stock was R1 million 000000 and the suspects were allegedly found with …Read More

Edenvale woman brutally murdered in attempted hijacking last night

A wife and mother of two, Vanessa Dreyer, was brutally murdered this week, in front of her husband and two young children. According to police reports, the crime happened at ‘The Avenues’ in Edenvale. The Dreyers’ were visiting Vanessa’s sister and as they were pulling out of the driveway to return home, four men stormed the car. One of them started shooting with an AK47, shooting Vanessa in the chest. Her husband managed to pull …Read More

Signal Jamming: When Will People Learn?

Do you know how many times a day I hear that so-and-so was a victim of theft out of motor vehicle? So-and-so calls me up angrily to say the thieves took his or her laptop, wallet, handbag, etc. and now, ALL the important information, valuable contents and so forth are gone forever. Don’t get me wrong, the victim is right to be angry that crime happens. But, when I speak to them, I …Read More

Burglars are breaking in through the roof

If ever you doubted the ingenuity of criminals, this should set your perceptions straight. Recently, in Sector 3, a house was burgled when intruders gained access by removing roof tiles. The incident happened on Monkor Road in Randpark. Laptops, big screen televisions, a home theatre system, jewellery and cameras were stolen. There have been no arrests made. I see it all the time in the security industry – home and business owners …Read More