Boomed Area Security

We often live with a sense of false security and especially those fortunate to line within gated and boomed communities.

Yes, there is a large benefit to living within these areas:

  • less traffic
  • restricted flow of non-resident traffic
  • Visibility of security teams and systems
  • A sense of safety

The truth is that although the crime stats are far lower within these communities there are still crimes, and serious crimes being committed within these areas.

The Randburg Sun published a story about an elderly couple, living in a boomed area that were violently attached in their home, tied up, strangled and eventually released.

This couple live in a boomed area and rely on their neighbours armed response as their sense of security. They would have been better off had they had the ability to push their own panic button and call their own armed response.

Make sure your home is secure. Do all it takes to ensure your family an property is protected.