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Electric Fencing


An electric fence works as a psychological barrier, protecting your home from unwanted animals, predators and criminals. An electric fence works by sending a pulse of electric current up the wire, traditionally at one pulse per second. If an intruder touches the fence they will be met with a sharp shock.

An electric fence needs to be designed perfectly and constructed to absorb some normal ‘pressures’ from wind, animals or rain. This is where the Papamani Security specialists come in.

The Advantages of Electric Fencing:

  • Protection through high voltage shock
  • Alarm warning
  • Affordable
  • Easy and quick construction
  • Psychological and physical barrier
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Low maintenance
  • Modified and expanded with ease
  • Can be connected to armed response
  • Power surge and lightening protection
  • Power saving
  • Internal battery backup system