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Event Security by Papamani

Effective security at events

We at Papamani understand that an event is a massive undertaking. While you are focused on the organisation aspects, let us focus on your security. For the most efficient security guards South Africa has to offer, turn to us.

Event security guards need to be both aware and alert, especially at large events. It is because we work with Metro police and the SAPS that we provide such effective protection. For an event you will need security placed at various points such as the entry points, near the stage, in crowd-populated areas, and at exit points. Papamani can cover all of these aspects.

We have provided security to a number of events such as sporting events, weddings, parties, year-end functions, political rallies as well as music festivals and concerts. Concerts in particular need to have the best security force, and our event security guards are the perfect accompaniment. There are often thousands of people entering and exiting a concert at any time, and well as thousands more in the actual venue. Our security guards understand the importance of your event and we will ensure that they are highly professional and incredibly effective, covering all aspects of event security.

Papamani has been in operation since 2006 and we have quickly risen in the security ranks. We have covered some of South Africa’s most prominent events, and look forward to covering yours.

Choose the top security guards South Africa has to offer to ensure the success of your event and the safety of your patrons.