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Products we offer

CCTV Cameras
Our CCTV security systems keep a close and protective eye on your valuables – even when you are not looking.
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Alarm System Keypad
Robberies and burglaries are common crimes in the residential environment. However, alarm systems have the ability to decrease criminal activities on your property.
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Electric Fence
An electric fence needs to be designed perfectly and constructed to absorb some normal ‘pressures’ from wind, animals or rain. This is where the Papamani Security specialists come in.
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Intercoms provide communication between different areas of your home or office. This is an important security system as well as a jet business practice.
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Locks are essentially the face of security. People have been familiar with these mechanical and technical devices for decades.
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Papamani Security supply and install reliable gate motors. The Papamani gate motors are durable, advanced and proven to be reliable.
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