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Retail Guarding



Retail Security Services

Our experienced retail guards are proven to be a visual deterrent to criminals. They constantly survey your premises and uncover even the most elusive of shoplifters. Our security guards are trained in all aspects of customer service and security. Due to intense customer service training, our guards will fit right into your store environment.

The Papamani Security retail guards are an integral part of your store, they not only protect your property but they also extend trusted customer service representation. They also have the ability to provide detailed documentation and reports to assist you in making management decisions.



Our retail security guards can either be dressed in uniform or they can work undercover as store detectives. This has become quite a popular and successful tactic in fighting crime in South Africa. Once word spreads that you have a highly effective security team, thieves will back off and try to find ‘easier’ targets.

Our operatives become a part of your team. They know your business and are well versed in the way that you operate. You will always have trusted guards at your side…