Armed Response

Armed response service has become a necessity for every home or business today. At Papamani we respond efficiently to alarm calls 24 hours a day. Protect your employees and company assets by having only professionally trained, licensed and insured security personnel responding to alarms; not company employees or even worse, no one at all.

With our long history of providing elite security services to the country’s largest companies, we provide an alarm response service that makes us unique from any other security armed response provider. All these services are backed by 24/7 Control Room staffed with live dispatchers, a single point of contact for scheduling, site status and reporting.


Irrespective of your type of property, be it residential or commercial, our guards are trained to assist you in all elements of protection.

Guards today are expected to carry out all security tasks with unrivalled skill and utter professionalism. The Papamani Security team uphold these standards and continually exceed expectation.

Papamani Security works closely with you to ensure the best security service possible. We provide security guards and security processes to suit your individual requirements.

Business Guarding

Our experienced retail guards are proven to be a visual deterrent to criminals. They constantly survey your premises and uncover even the most elusive of shoplifters. Our security guards are trained in all aspects of customer service and security. Due to intense customer service training, our guards will fit right into your store environment.

The Papamani Security retail guards are an integral part of your store, they not only protect your property but they also extend trusted customer service representation. They also have the ability to provide detailed documentation and reports to assist you in making management decisions.

Event Security

Putting together any event is stressful and time consuming. Everyone fears something going wrong during their celebration. We provide our specialised event security services to assist you in hosting an event that runs smoothly at all times. Papamani Security applies services to a multitude of events, from weddings to concerts and sporting events, to product launches and brand activations. Our experts will assess all risks and work closely with the Metro Police and SAPS, to ensure a successful and safe event.

Our events security guards have been trained in all aspects of the field and are able to work with any amount of people attending your event, from 50 patrons to 20 000. The Papamani Security guards are experts and are PSIRA registered. Our guards have experience in dealing with crowd control, detection and crime prevention. We also provide top class metal detectors, 2 way radios and anything else related to maintaining and securing your safety.

Ticket Checking – Crowed Control – Police Liaison – Emergency Response


Technology Driven Security Solutions:

Our comprehensive approach to security is enhanced by an intelligent combination of human resources and technology based solutions. We incorporate the latest innovations in surveillance and monitoring to offer you products and services which ensure safety of your family, assets and business. We install, repair and maintain the following:

Alarm Systems – CCTV – Electric Fencing – Intercoms – Access Control – Gate Motors