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We need #OpLockdownGP and badly

I’m not sure if you’ve been following the news, but for the past six months Operation Lockdown has been cleaning up the streets in the Northern areas of Port Elizabeth. The task team from #OpLockdownPE focused on gang-related crime and violence in the Gelvandale and Bethelsdorp regions. #OpLockdownPE saw gang members convicted and sentenced to lengthy prison terms, wanted suspects arrested and large quantities of drugs seized and taken off the streets.

In one week alone, #OpLockdownPE netted:

84 were arrested for drug-related offences;
4 for murder;
1 for attempted murder;
6 for possession of suspected stolen property;
5 for attempted hijacking;
3 for illegal possession of firearm;
1 for assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm; and
1 for illegal possession of ammunition and home-made firearm.

Firearms, live ammunition, stolen vehicles and electronics were also recovered.

These successes are definitely because of a collaborative effort between, informants, community members and police units. As private security guards, when we patrol neighbourhoods, we’re always looking for things that are out of place. We make sure the keys you left hanging on your front door are given to you, that gates are locked at night and that windows that can be easily climbed through are shut. We take notice of the regular visitors and keep tabs on people we’ve seen before or who seem to displaying body language inconsistent with that of a visitor.

The work we do in preventing crime and gathering intel cannot be more highly emphasised. Security guards, like members of the Police force also sacrifice their lives for a safe city.

We, at Papamani Security are behind the #CrimeMustFall movement and we need an #OpLockdownGP to happen soon.

As always, stay safe,
Bevern Moyo

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